Sunday, December 30, 2012

You Know You're a T1D Momma When.....

There are many things unique to being a T1D Mom and sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from losing your mind!  Many of these have been stated by other T1D Moms, but I've yet to share on my blog so here are some oldies, but goodies, and some that have been unique to us.

1.  You ask your 6 year old, "Are you high?" and realize how odd that sounds when you notice strangers looking at you with baffled looks on their faces. Then when your child isn't sure if she is high, you ask "Well, do you feel high?" or "I'm sorry you are so high and don't feel well."

2.  Sometimes when your child is acting a bit ornery, in your mind you think, "You better be high". 

3.  You ask your child if they feel low in public and get the same baffled looks.

4.  In hopes of adding a new location for a shot to the rotation, you wash quarters and put them in the freezer to apply to your child's bottom to help numb the area before a shot.

5.  A few months later you find clean quarters in a ziploc bag in the refrigerator deli drawer.

6.  When you've gone all day without eating, you prick your own finger with the extra meter just to see how low you are.

7.  Then you have your husband prick his finger just to see if your blood sugar is lower than his.  Then you get mad at him because his is lower and he just ate a handful of candy.

8.  When you do ask your husband to check his blood sugar you ask him if he wants to share your needle.  Now THAT is something I never thought I'd every say!

9.  You prick your own finger after eating too many cookies, just to see how high your blood sugar actually goes.  Then you feel bad because you realize your high is your daughter's target blood sugar range.

10.  You say to your daughter, "Give me a finger" so you can check her blood sugar.  When she holds her middle finger up right in front of your face, you laugh inside, but when you are in public you realize that must look awfully disrespectful to others!

11.  When you see other kids drink huge juice boxes full of sugar or eat cotton candy you have to bite your tongue to not tell the Mother just how many carbs is in that and how much their pancreas is having to overwork to put out all that insulin.

12.  You can't look at food anymore without thinking about how many carbs are in it.  You see a pack of smarties and think 6 carbs; a slice of pizza equals 35 carbs; a small juice box equals 15 carbs, and on and on.

13.  Food preparation consists of guessing games with yourself by guessing how many carbs are in the fruit before checking the scale for the carb count.  You silently cheer when you are right.

14.  You practice at home figuring out how many carbs is in one piece of pizza so you don't have to take your scale or damn measuring cup to a birthday party or restaurant....same with ice cream, cake, fruit, everything!  You are constantly trying to better your carb counting skills. 

15.  Carb counting and insulin dosing is turned into a family game and perfecting your children's math skills.  When your non-D child eats a large amount of carbs that you would never let your child with diabetes eat, you just can't help but calculate how much insulin would be needed.  The whole family likes to join in on guessing carbs in the food and then figuring out how much insulin needs to be dosed.  Jacob especially likes to do this.

16.  You never, ever leave home without sugar.  You even carry sugar and your child's meter in your purse when she isn't with you. You never know when you might get a call and have to go pick her up.

17.  You really can't relate when new Moms complain about their lack of sleep, because you know they will eventually sleep through the night in the near future.  We wonder if we will EVER sleep through the night again.  Even when she isn't living under our roof, I imagine we will always worry if she will make it through the night or get a call that something happened.

18.  Your 4 year old asks how many carbs is in a food item and you are proud of her for showing such responsibility, but realize by the looks of others that they think you are perpetuating an eating disorder in your child.

19.  On the rare occasion that you get to take a nap, you wake up in a panic every 15 minutes and call out your child's name to make sure they have not passed out from a low blood sugar.

20.  You have a calculator in the kitchen and every other room in the house and every bag and purse.

21.  When your child stumbles or trips as is common for young kids, your stomach immediately drops, because you fear she is low and this is going to be the low when you need to break out the red box and administer glucagon.  You are so, so thankful when you realize she is just fine.

22.  Once your child wears an insulin pump, any beeping sound causes you to panic and check if it is the insulin pump.  You are so relieved when it is just a video game or other random noise from the TV. 

23.  When you are in a noisy bounce house where you fear your daughter's pod will deactivate because of static, you constantly put your ear up to her bottom or leg to determine if it is alarming.

24.  You spray your child down with static guard in the middle of the driveway to prevent a pod error on the playground or at a bounce house.

25.  You get excited when you find a headlamp on sale (think coal miner's lamp) because it will make middle of the night blood sugar checks much easier.

26.  You now carry a butter knife in your D-bag so you can pop off the back of the pod and remove the batteries in case it alarms.  Otherwise, you are going to have to run it over with the van and imagine the looks you will get for that! 


  1. You D Moms are awesome!!!
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  2. I can relate to most of these... not pumping yet though..static? really?? ugh, gotta worry about everything !
    My 5 year old doesnt want a pump now...I almost giggle at #18 because I have totally thought that..and #1 because we ask our teenage that all the time and I swear people think we are crazy!